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Sega CD

Release Date: 10/15/92

New Price: N/A


After Sega established a strong lead in the console market in the early 1990′s, the company saw the possibilities that the new CD-ROM format could bring to gaming.  Sega produced the Sega CD add-on for the Genesis to bring the technology to the many Genesis owners around the world without requiring them to invest in a completely new system.  Unfortunately, they did not completely follow through with their vision.  Even though it was not a commercial success, that does not mean that a Sega CD isn’t worth picking up for a reasonable price to expand on one’s classic Sega collection.  The Sega CD is still an interesting piece of hardware and has some games that are still worth checking out.


Note:  Sega’s 16-bit wonder was titled the Mega Drive in all markets except North America where the name had previously been copyrighted and was thus named the Genesis in that market.

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