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$1.99 Per Game or Movie

With Video Games Etc! Disc Protection:

Disc protection begins as soon as your purchase is complete.

We will resurface the game or movie for no additional charge every time you bring it to us with the receipt that shows the title and the Disc Protection Plan.

Exclusions to Coverage

  • This plan does not guarantee that a game or movie will work upon service; it only guarantees that we will resurface the game without an additional charge.

  • This plan does not cover customer misuse such as: top scratches, cracked or destroyed discs.

  • Lost or stolen products.

  • Cosmetic damage to your product including but not limited to scratches, tears, dents and broken plastic on parts, that does not otherwise affect or impede its functionality or impair your use of the covered product.

  • Product use not consistent with either its design or the way the manufacturer intended it to be used.

  • Personal items left in the product (you are responsible for removing all personal items from the product before service is performed).

Availability of Services

  • While we try to complete service as quickly as possible, some delays may be unavoidable, including but not limited to maintenance on our resurfacing machines.

You must retain your receipt with date of purchase to receive service under this plan. The only record of the Disc Protection Plan will be on the receipt.

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