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Yu-Gi-Oh TCG - Age of Overlord

This fall begins a new era with Age of the Supreme Lord, the latest major expansion of Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (JCC). Uncover the ancient secrets of novel themes, unveil the untapped potential of past themes in new cards, or even grab a coveted Secret Rare Quarter of a Century! Era of the Supreme Lord has something for every taste! Look at the variety of new Trap and Spell cards you can add to your hand! Starfrost visas have caused a sensation in the universe since Dimensional Force and now the second phase of this interplanetary adventure is here. Age of the Supreme Lord contains many new Starfrost Visa-compatible cards, such as a new Level 4 Singer Monster, an End of Shift Pendulum Monster, and a Level 6 "Mannadium" Synchro Monster that can be used with the Cyberstorm Access Mannadium and Nexus Duelist cards.

Yu-Gi-Oh TCG - Age of Overlord

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