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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak SWI.jpg


Genre: Adventure
Rating: Teen
Release Date: 6/30/22
New Price: $49.99
Pre-owned Price: $25.00

Experience the entire storyline, from the Rampage of Kamura Village to exploring the brave new land of Elgado, in one convenient package. ‘Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak’ is a limited-edition bundle that contains both Monster Hunter Rise and a download voucher for the massive expansion, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak™.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak™ is the monstrous new expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, the critically acclaimed and top-selling Monster Hunter™ title Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak begins following the heroic defense of Kamura Village that concludes in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • What’s Included – Introduce New storylines, new monsters, new additions to combat, the Master Rank quest difficulty, and more.

  • Journey To the West - In addition to the plethora of new hunts to complete, the immersive story will task Kamura’s valiant hunters with researching the secrets behind the puzzling anomalies plaguing the distant Kingdom. This pursuit will take players on a journey across the sea to a new base of operations called Elgado Outpost, where they will investigate powerful creatures known as the Three Lords, each inspired by staples of Western horror.

  • New and Returning Monsters - The game will introduce Malzeno, a menacing new flagship monster, as well as other new monsters like the lupine Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron, the towering Garangolm, and new subspecies such as Blood Orange Bishaten. Hunters will also encounter numerous fan-favorite and returning species from previous Monster Hunter games including the voltaic Astalos.

  • Combat Evolved - The “Wirebug” mechanic that allows for unparalleled freedom of movement and mobility returns! Hunters using the new facilities at Elgado Outpost will also be able to master all-new combat options and Wirebug techniques for all weapon types. More information on these new abilities will be shared in the future

  • New Locales - Featuring all-new maps with no loading times such as the newly revealedCitadel locale, the continuous gameplay ensures that players will remain on their quests as soon as the hunt begins, without transitions between areas

  • Hunting Options - Play solo or join up to three other hunters in online co-op play on Nintendo Switch or PC. The Nintendo Switch system also allows for hunting anywhere, anytime, and with anyone via a local connection!

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