Brawler 64 Controller.png

Brawler 64 Gamepad

Release Date: Now Available

New Price: $29.99

The Brawler64 Gamepad by Retro Fighters is a completely redesigned N64 controller with Next Generation features and attributes - providing a new and comfortable way to play your favorite classic N64 games.  The Next-Gen styled controller has a completely updated look and feel over the original trident-shaped N64 controller - featuring a two handle design, responsive buttons, D-pad, main and shoulder trigger buttons, and a comfortable analog stick.

  • Next generation N64 controller with an ergonomic and comfortable two-handle design

  • Comfortable and responsive Next-Gen analog stick

  • Dual repositioned Z-triggers on both the left and right side of the controller

  • Ultra fast turbo function – turn it on when you need it, turn it off when you don’t

  • Compatible with both Rumble and Memory Paks

  • Extra long 10 foot cord