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College Football 25 - PlayStation 5

In EA SPORTS™ College Football 25 for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S, immerse yourself in authentic, fast-paced, college football gameplay with CampusIQ™. Test your strategic decision-making with an all-new composure system, player Wear & Tear, screen-shaking homefield advantages and dozens of diverse playstyles across 134 FBS teams. Experience the decibel-shaking soundscape of college football putting you inside the stadium, alongside all the iconic rituals and traditions that make you feel right at home. Set a new standard for college football greatness in classic modes like Dynasty and Road To Glory. Recruit a winning roster, develop a coaching staff, and lead your program to the Natty as a created coach, or balance student-athlete life and take home the Heisman as a player.

College Football 25 - PlayStation 5

Release Date: 7/19/24
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