Edge Gamepad Controller

Release Date: Now Available

New Price: $19.99

Replaying classic SNES games are even better using this cheat controller. Now compatible with SNES Mini, NES, Wii U, and PC. The hardware gives you the power of turbo fire, a necessity for the classic games. The Turb switches work for A, B, X, Y, R, and L buttons. You can control which button has the Turbo function turned on or off individually. The package is bundled with a CHEAT CODE book, which includes Secrete Tips or Game Unlock Passwords for all 21 of the included games. Get the Gamer's Edge Gamepad and get ahead of the game!

  • 9 Foot Cable, Able to fit cables in each port because this model does not have a clear plastic piece on the plug obstructing 2nd port.

  • Advantage over opposing player with turbo switches

  • Works for SNES mini

  • Free Cheat code book!

  • 2nd Controller