The Retro Fighters "Jab Gamepad" is the first NES compatible controller to be completely redesigned with next generation features and attributes. Providing a new way to play your favorite classic NES games, the next gen styled controller has a completely updated look over the original NES controller. The Retro Fighters NES controller has the look, weight and feel of a modern controller. Right out of the box, the Retro Fighters NES controller is multi-compatible, being able to play on the original NES systems, aftermarket NES systems and PC or MAC. The Retro Fighters NES controller gets rid of the rectangular shape and replaces it with an ergonomically shaped controller, which ensures the best gaming experience and a comfortable grip. With a custom design, the comfortable D-pad puts less stress on thumbs and provides a better grip. Repositioned "B" and "A" buttons allow for a more comfortable and engrossing experience. Shoulder and trigger buttons are added and can be used in conjunction with analog sticks or the D-pad to allow for numerous button combinations. Analog sticks can also act as buttons, allowing any game to be played solely using the analog sticks. Finally a turbo function was added to the controller for games where a little extra help is needed. These additions make it the ultimate versatile NES controller for any genre of games and for all types of gamers.


-Next Generation NES Controller featuring modern design and attributes

-Compatible with the original NES, PC, MAC and most 3rd party NES systems, 6 foot cable length

-Ergonomic placement of the "B" and "A" buttons, allows for more comfortable gameplay

-Added smooth analog sticks that can also act as buttons, push down to activate either the "B" or "A" buttons

-The addition of shoulder buttons and triggers make the controller versatile for any genre of games and for all types of gamers

-Added ultra fast turbo function

Retro Fighters Jab Gamepad

Release Date: Now Available

New Price: $24.99

Pre-owned Price: $16.00