Magic the Gathering: Core Set 2020

Release Date: 7/12/19

Booster Packs: $2.99

Booster Boxes: $89.99

Set Details

Core Set 2020 contains 280 cards (20 basic land, 111 common, 80 uncommon, 53 rare, and 16 mythic rare) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. XX additional cards are found in the set's planeswalker decks. These are numbered #282/280 to #XXX/280.

Rules change

Starting with tabletop Core Set 2020 Preleases on July 5, the London mulligan will be used for all play. It will become officially reflected in the comprehensive rules with the M20 rules updates on July 12.[6] To take this mulligan, a player shuffles the cards in their hand back into their library, draws a new hand of cards equal to their starting hand size, then puts a number of those cards equal to the number of times that player has taken a mulligan on the bottom of their library in any order.



The storyline of Core Set 2020 focuses on the life of Chandra