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Dragon Ball Super: Vermilion Bloodline
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Booster Packs - $2.49

This set is filled to the brim with Super Saiyan 4 strength! Lots of new faces are joining the game from the Dark Empire Saga like SS4 Son Goku Xeno, SS4 Bardock and SS4 Son Gohan! Of course, fan favorites from the anime like SS4 Son Gokue and SS4 Vegeta will be appearing as well. We hope crossovers like this show off the most appealing part of the Unison Warrior series: all the differnt combinations you can create using characters from across Dragon Ball history!

That covers one theme but this set also comes with a sinister second theme that introduces two new keyword skills to the game: Overlord and Servant. This theme revolves around powerful villains who take over the minds - and sometimes bodies - of their prey!

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