DBS Universal Onslaught Booster.jpg

Dragon Ball Super: Universal Onslaught

Release Date: 2/14/20

Booster Packs - $3.99

Booster Boxes - $79.99

The Tournment of Power rages on as each universe struggles to against the overwhelming Might of Jiren!

  • Can Goku and Universe 7 survive the onslaught from Universe 6 lead by the Assassin, Hit? Cell, Frieza, and Majin Buu ascend to greater power to face our heroes once more.

  • Red/Blue cards return with the power of "Invoker", while Green/Yellow cards have attained the power of "Successor"!

  • Fan favorite leaders resurge with full art reimagined versions, sporting updated abilities and new powers. Leaders unlock "Awaken Surge", a new way to awaken their full power . Bring your decks to a new level with Universal Onslaught.