Dragon Ball Super:

World Martial Arts Tournament Boosters

Release Date: 9/21/18

Booster Packs - $3.99

Booster Boxes - $79.99

Each Dragon Ball Super World Martial Arts Tournament Themed Booster Box includes 24 booster packs! Each booster pack includes 12 cards!

Up your variety with themed boosters!


These new themed boosters have a different mix of cards than standard packs, providing card lineups based around specific themes! The theme this time is World Martial Arts Tournament, featuring current characters from Dragon Ball Super! Players can build multiple themed decks using cards just from these boosters alone! A great way to start the game for Dragon Ball fans!


Choose your favourite cards and themes among cards separated into 4 different colours and battle with your opponent!



  • Enhance your allies’ power and striking abilities!

  • A Colour great at dealing damage!



  • Charge up your energy to unleash powerful cards!

  • If you want to specialize in energy, blue is the colour for you!



  • Obliterate your opponent’s cards!

  • When it come to destruction, green has no equal!



  • This colour boasts high defensive capabilities and counters!

  • Yellow is all about interfering with your opponent’s strategies!