VoltEdge TX 30 Switch Headset

Platform: Switch

Release Date: Coming Soon

New Price: $29.99

The TX30 delivers the ultimate gaming experience for playing at home or on the go. The TX30 offers a sleek design and robust set of features that sets it apart from other gaming headsets on the market. Advanced ABS plastics deliver a lightweight durable frame and a flexible headband for mobile and console gamers. Ultra-soft ear cushions use innovative breathable fabrics to deliver a stylish look and comfort fit. Large 40mm dynamic drivers allow you to hear high quality digital game sound with a wide dynamic range of crisp highs and booming lows. The TX-30 is the complete package with crystal clear chat audio through a directional in-line mic and volume and instant push-pull mute control. The universal 3.5mm jack also makes this headset perfect for use with the Xbox One, PS4 Pro and PS4 consoles, as well as PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Exceptional Comfort: Lightweight and comfortable over ear design wrapped in high-grade leatherette

Quality Audio: Large, high quality 40mm speakers deliver exceptional audio quality for games, music and movies

Crystal Clear Chat: In-line directional mic for game chat and phone calls

Easily Accessible In-line Controls: Make quick volume adjustments and push-pull mute

Robust Build Quality: Rugged headband and durable earcups build for reliable performance

Easy-To-Connect: Tangle free cable connects directly into your controller

Also Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mobile devices through 3.5mm jack